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How Many Homes Does the Average Buyer View?

househuntingadviceSince buying a home is usually the biggest investment in one’s lifetime, no one really wants to rush into such a thing. Often, buyers wonder just how many homes are “acceptable” to tour while shopping around.

There is really no straight-forward answer to this question. Touring a potential home is definitely a learning process. Buyers usually get more ideas of what they love and don’t love about a house after looking at a couple or few. The agent also learns more about what the buyer is looking for during visits and is better able to pin down properties suited to the buyer’s wants and needs.

House shopping is a collaboration between buyer and agent. Sometimes buyers find a perfect match with the first or second home they visit, which is great for buyer and agent, but sometimes it takes many more to find the perfect fit. For those buyers who are shopping around and visiting several homes, it’s a good idea to take notes and make lists in order not to get confused or overwhelmed.

Just remember not to feel rushed or pushed; after all, this is the place in which you are going to live, potentially for years to come. According to real estate agent, Richard Michael, there is no secret formula, and sometimes it just takes a while. Some people love the first house they look at, while others look at 20 or more before they find the perfect place to call home.

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