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Museums and Galleries in Anchorage

Museums and Galleries in Anchorage

Just because Anchorage is in wild Alaska, the Last Frontier, the Great Land, etc, doesn’t mean it’s not a hub for culture and big city fun. There are plenty of places to take in fine art and local crafts, and here is a comprehensive list to help plan out a day (or week) of cultural entertainment.


Anchorage Museum – The Anchorage Museum is a world-class art, history, ecology and science museum located in the heart of the city. It explores the history, land and people of Alaska and offers something for everyone.

Alaska Native Heritage Center – This is an exciting and educational tribute to the indiginous peoples of Alaska. It offers outdoor and indoor exhibits, along with demonstrations and events such as tribal music, dancing, and much, much more.

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature – This museum is packed full of Alaska history and archaeology. There is plenty to do and see for all ages, and it offers enriching education on Alaska’s natural history.

Oscar Anderson House – As Anchorage’s only house museum, this first, private Anchorage home shows what it was like to live in Anchorage in 1915. Oscar Anderson and his wife immigrated from Sweden, and the Andersons owned a meat market in downtown Anchorage. Come visit during Swedish Christmas while the house is elaborately decorated.

Alaska Experience Theatre – This is a great events space, which offers a a banquet room with a fantastic view. The theater shows beautiful films every half hour throughout the summer, which allows guests to experience natural Alaska phenomena, such as northern lights and the Great Earthquake of 1964.

Alaska Aviation Museum – This museum is a tribute to Alaska aviation history and is located on the south shore of Lake Hood, the heart of Alaskan aviation. It is also a half mile from Ted Stevens International Airport, and visitors  can watch planes take off and land right from the museum.

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Eklutna Historical Park – A half hour from downtown Anchorage, the Eklutna Historical Park gives visitors a look into the history and customs of the Dena-ina, helps explain Russian Orthodox traditions, and represents how Russians in Alaska and native peoples integrated their cultures.

Alaska Veterans Museum – Honoring our nation’s veterans, this museum provides artifacts and personal accounts to assist in preserving their memories and sacrifices throughout Alaska’s rich military history. The museum serves to educate the public on the history of our veterans.

Alaska State Trooper Museum– Through exhibits and memorabilia, this museum commemorates the history of law enforcement in one of the most unique places in the world, Alaska. It includes a wide variety of interesting displays, including a restored 1952 Hudson Hornet automobile.

Check out an A-Z list of museums and cultural centers.

Art Galleries:

Anchorage has so many wonderful art galleries, they are too numerous to list one-by-one. Here is a nice list of galleries (in Anchorage, and throughout Alaska) on with links to each one, for more information.

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