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o-pen house – noun. 1. A place or situation in which all visitors are welcome.

open houseThere’s something to be said about seeing a thing in person, and that certainly goes for homes. The tradition of the open house has been around for a long time, and with good reason.

Buying a house is such an important event in one’s life; and who wouldn’t want to visit the place they intend to call home for many years to come?

According to, the practice of open house began in the 1910s to help get homes moving: “. . . agents would stay parked at a single home every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for ‘open inspections,’ showing off modern marvels such as electric lighting and new kitchen layouts to potential buyers.”

Luckily for real estate agents, things have changed so that they don’t have to stay posted outside a house for 12 hours at a time waiting for passers-by. But the fact remains that people really like to walk through and inspect homes, serious buyers and curious folk just trying to pass the time on a weekend day, alike.

The Internet enables us to tour a home through pictures, movies and slideshows; however, seeing something on a screen is no replacement for getting a feel for the real place. Touring a home also gives the potential buyer a chance to get acquainted with a real estate agent and ask him or her important questions about the home and neighborhood. has some handy advice on what kinds of questions to bring for the real estate agent at an open house. Keep the tradition alive, and enjoy an open house. It is a great way to do some real research on your potential new home.

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